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YOYO Eventz & Entertainment

2018 is rolling its last dice and paving the way to the next successor New year 2019, with a tremendous belief in success and desire for new inventions.

In the last two decades, New Year party celebrations have advanced from crackers & night lights to choreographed lights, music, boozing and enjoying to the core with heaps of memories to take back.

In the meadow of events, it's all about who rolls the dice in a mesmerizing venue & fascinating way. In view of that, YOYO Eventz & Entertainment came up with the plan of HYPE - FASHION FEAT 2K18. YOYO Eventz & Entertainment reckons the importance of long holidays; helping patrons to celebrate it with their beloved family & charming friends.

Folks can celebrate the occasion in a gorgeous venue from morning till midnight which will be roared as The Day @ The Residency Towers in the charming city, Manchester of South India, Coimbatore.
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Aim & Vision

HYPE - FASHION FEAT 2K18 encourages upcoming college & public talented models & enthusiastic designers to show case their talents & have a prosperous New Year start. HFF 2k18 is organized for both public young talents and as an Inter college competition for college students.
HYPE will be a fun filled family entertainment which includes fun activities and several surprise events that would be loved by the family to spend their golden hours in such a gorgeous ambience. Gifts are arranged for audience to make the venue more lively & entertaining.

HYPE Partyrise by dusk, where DJ music, celebrity fashion show, buffet, drinks & beverages come into play for the rejoicing crowd to party. As music sets the rapport of the crowd, fashion show creates a boost to have a great time in the final hours.
Zeal & mood of the crowd is carried out throughout the event by the rocking performance of International, National & Resident DJ's of Coimbatore, who pump up all the categories of people.

The outcome of the HYPE Day @ The Residency Towers constitutes bringing up young talents, fulfilling needs of family members & party people with relishing memories